Fresh News

We are thrilled to announce the start of a revolutionary model

designed to combat homelessness in Denver. 

The Safe Outdoor Space is a collaborative that includes 

The Colorado Village Collaborative, Interfaith Alliance, St. Francis Center,

Salvation Army, Radian, Showers For All

and many other dedicated community leaders.

This space will provide a safe and secure location

for those experiencing homelessness

to live and rebuild within the city of Denver. 

It features shelter, food, medical and social services

as well as showers and laundry provided by yours truly. 

We are absolutely honored to be a part of this initiative

and can not wait to share more information in the coming weeks. 

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all of the services needed to ensure the success of S.O.S.  

A shower and clean clothes ignite hope.
They deliver love

in a simple and unappreciated form.

They allow those struggling to feel human
and remind them that they do matter.

The Showers For All mobile unit

features two full service bathrooms where guests can clean and refresh themselves,

as well as washing machines & dryers operated by our dedicated team.  

We can provide 50 showers a day and 60 loads of laundry to those in need.

The mobile unit visits various locations

each week to provide services

to different areas of the city.  

With a schedule of locations available each month, guests can ensure that they are at the correct location at the correct time.

When you are homeless, a shower and clean clothes
are not only a matter of hygiene
but a matter of humanity.
Looking and feeling clean restores dignity and confidence.

Feeling clean can help someone feel less isolated

and more connected to the society around them.

It is about dignity.

Matilda is always in line for a meal in Civic Center Park.
She is funny, smart, and incredibly honest.

She watches everyone around her
and is always taking care of someone else. Everyone knows her.

She wears cat ears most of the time and will tell you about what
her life looks like now, and what it used to be.

She will remind you that this is not forever.
She is determined to get off the street.

On a given day you can see her sharing food
with people who are at the end of the line when the food runs out

She is making sure others are hydrated on scorching days

or have a blanket to share on the frozen ones.

She works side jobs when she can. She has a hard time holding them down

because she never knows where she will sleep, and as she says,

“doesn’t look clean and presentable like a good job wants.”

Matilda spends time showering or washing her clothes in bathroom sinks.

When she has extra money after buying food,
she will clean her clothes at a laundromat.

Her clothes are worn but her spirit is fierce.

I asked her one time what would make her feel good again. A full belly?

The same place to lay a bed at night? She says, “I just want to feel clean.

I want to know when I can take my next shower

and have enough money to put clean clothes on my clean body.

It’s hard to get a job when you aren’t clean.

I just want to feel and look normal instead of having people look at me

and immediately thinking I am dirty and worthless.”

Worthless is something no one should feel,

especially not sweet Matilda.

The Power of Clean

  • The lack of shower/laundry facilities
    for people in need is a health crisis.

  • The inability to wash clothes is directly linked to increased rates
    harmful skin conditions and invasive insect infestations.

  • During menstrual cycles, women unable to clean their bodies
    are at 

    higher risk for infection and even Toxic Shock Syndrome.

  • When seeking employment,
    interviewees are placed at an immediate 

    compared to others who can walk in clean and 


  • Personal hygiene is critical to feeling valued,
    particularly for those with 

    mental health challenges.

  • An increasing number of children
    who lack access to shower or laundry 

    miss school each day.

Many of us take a daily shower for granted.

It is not only a rejuvenating experience,

but frequently the only moment of pure privacy in our busy lives.

Those struggling on the streets
experience this more than we can possibly understand,

with no place to truly call their own.

At The Dignity Project we want people to feel human.

We want people to be able to tell us
the stories that got them to this moment

and share the dreams of where they want to be.

A shower and clean set of clothes won’t turn an entire life around...

but it’s a great start.

The Future

The future of this project is not simply to deliver
essential services in the Denver metro area.

Design, construction and operation of these trailers in Denver

will help us refine practices we have learned from others.

Our goal is to consistently reduce the vehicle cost
to remove barriers
preventing others
from launching similar projects.

Denver will be the catalyst for a nationwide success story
that delivers
compassion, love, dignity and hope.

Many organizations have the financial resources but lack

the knowledge base and time to launch their own vehicle.

Others are very determined and experienced
but are
struggling with the costs
currently offered by manufacturers.
We can help with both.

By reducing vehicle costs and compiling a successful playbook

of best practices and training opportunities,

we will open the door for these organizations across the country.

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Showers For All is fueled by

The Dignity Project

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Our mission is to empower the journey

away from homelessness and poverty 

by restoring dignity and hope.