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The Showers For All mobile trailer provides showers and laundry to those living on the streets of Denver.  Two full service bathrooms and multiple washers & dryers deliver a critical, and often forgotten, service to those struggling with homelessness and poverty.


The lack of shower/laundry facilities for people in need is a health crisis. 

But we know this simple service can deliver big results...

  • Dirty clothes lead to harmful skin conditions and invasive insect infestations.

  • During menstrual cycles, women unable to clean are at higher risk of infection and Toxic Shock Syndrome.

  • Unclean job seekers are at an immediate 

    disadvantage to other applicants.

  • Personal hygiene = Feeling valued, particularly for those with mental health challenges.

  • Regular showers and laundry mean less missed school days for children



The future of Showers For All is not simply to deliver essential services in the Denver metro

area,  but to provide the opportunity for anyone to launch these services in their own city. 

Denver is the catalyst for a nationwide success story

that will deliver compassion, love, dignity and hope. 

Many organizations have the financial resources but lack  the knowledge base and time to launch their own vehicle.  Others are very determined and experienced but are struggling with the costs currently offered by commercial manufacturers.
We can help with both.

By reducing vehicle costs and providing successful playbooks

of best practices and training/hiring resources,

we will open the door for organizations across the country.

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