The Impact

We are touched every week by amazing stories

from our friends on the street.

This is who you are helping.

This is who you are saving.

Matilda's Story

Matilda is always in line for a meal in Civic Center Park. She is funny, smart, and incredibly honest. She watches everyone around her and is always taking care of someone else. Everyone knows her. She wears cat ears most of the time and will tell you about what her life looks like now, and what it used to be. She will remind you that this is not forever. She is determined to get off the street. On a given day you can see her sharing food with people who are at the end of the line when the food runs out She is making sure others are hydrated on scorching days or have a blanket to share on the frozen ones. She works side jobs when she can. She has a hard time holding them down because she never knows where she will sleep, and as she says, “doesn’t look clean and presentable like a good job wants.” Matilda spends time showering or washing her clothes in bathroom sinks. When she has extra money after buying food, she will clean her clothes at a laundromat. Her clothes are worn but her spirit is fierce. I asked her one time what would make her feel good again. A full belly? The same place to lay a bed at night? She says, “I just want to feel clean. I want to know when I can take my next shower and have enough money to put clean clothes on my clean body. It’s hard to get a job when you aren’t clean. I just want to feel and look normal instead of having people look at me and immediately thinking I am dirty and worthless.” 

Worthless is something no one should feel, 

especially not sweet Matilda.