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ReFresh is a community of monthly supporters committed to providing dignity, hope, and hygiene to our unsheltered neighbors.

100% of your monthly gift goes to providing showers

and clean clothes to those who need it most.


Why Give Monthly?
A monthly commitment helps us plan ahead.

It enables us to continue to grow, knowing financial support will be available.

Your monthly donation provides consistency and stability

in the lives of those who rarely feel it.

We can do incredible things when we are given a ReFresh. 

ReFresh is defined as something that gives strength or energy to someone.  

It reinvigorates them.


By joining us each month you are helping to ReFresh tired bodies and hearts.

You are providing an opportunity for someone to see themselves beyond dirt or sweat for the first time in a long time.

You are providing the chance for each person to feel like a human who matters.


Neil's Story:

...Through the walls of the trailer we heard him take deep breaths in pain

while he carefully cleaned around the chemotherapy port. 

When he came out, he looked at us with big blue eyes and a big smile on his face.

He said, “I will be here every time you are here...

when I don’t come you will know I am gone..."

Joining ReFresh is Special

When you join ReFresh, beyond providing cleanliness to our friends living on the street, you will receive a monthly Impact Report showing the the power of your donation.

In this report you will hear stories directly from those you are impacting and exclusive footage of the Showers For All team.

We can do incredible things when we are given a ReFresh.